Established in 2011, RPM REALTY operates as a private direct lender headquartered in Tampa, FL. With a track record of over a thousand successful transactions and actively managing a portfolio exceeding $100,000,000, RPM REALTY leverages over a decade of lending expertise to ensure secure and lucrative returns for our lending partners.

Our lending practices prioritize safeguarding lender capital, with a maximum Loan To Value (LTV) ratio of 70% and an average of 56% LTV. Moreover, we enforce additional protective measures at the borrower’s expense.

Borrowers are mandated to maintain property insurance, naming the lender as a loss payee. Additionally, borrowers cover the costs of a lender title policy, guaranteeing the sonority and enforceability of the lender’s mortgage.

RPM REALTY oversees the entire funding process internally, from sourcing to thorough underwriting. Furthermore, we manage all payment collections and distributions and boast an adept legal team to address any potential delinquencies, ensuring a 100% passive, high-yield income stream for our lending partners.

Our fixed high yield returns typically surpass those of conventional money market or CD returns by 200-300%!

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